Nickel Chrome Alloy Wire/Rod/Bar/Strip/Sheet

Nickel Chrome Alloy Wire/Rod/Bar/Strip/Sheet

Shanghai Tankii Alloy Material Co.,Ltd. is specialized in production of Ni-Cr Alloy, Cu-Ni Alloy, Fechral, thermocouple wire, pure nickel and other precision alloy materials in the form of wire, strip, rod, bar and plate.

We’ve already got ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental protection system.

NiCr 80/20

NiCr 70/30

NiCr 60/15

NiCr 35/20

NiCr 30/20

Nichrome’s metallurgical structure confers them a very good plasticity when cold.
There is a growth of the grain under heat during utilisation of the element without inducing embrittlement of it when cold.

They are used for the manufacture of electric resistances for appliances (insulated elements type tubular resistances or for example opened elements on micanit plate) or for application of industrial furnaces.

In addition of a relatively high specific resistance, Ni-Cr alloys join all the necessary properties for good performances in use of furnaces:

  • Resistance to oxidation (they are not sensitive to aggressions of humid air)
  • Low embrittlement at high temperature
  • Good plasticity – Easier to give them a shape compared with FeCrAl (lower mechanical characteristics allow indeed a good control of elasticity of the product during shaping (coiling, folding, drawing)
  • Good resistance to creeping (more important than ferritic alloys) which is important during conception of a resistance presenting big heights of waves.

Maximal temperature recommended in the furnace: 1922 / 2012 °F in order to obtain a reasonable life time of the elements.

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Product Origin: China
Model Number: Ni80Cr20, NiCr 80/20
Brand Name: TANKII

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