Nickel Iron Alloy Wire/Srip

Nickel Iron Alloy Wire/Srip
























Low Expansion Alloys

These include Invar and N42. As electronic components become ever more miniature, the demands on the material used in their manufacture become ever more critical. The production of lead frames for example requires very close dimensional tolerances and high cleanliness combined with exceptional stamping or chemical etching performance. Grades of N42 have been specifically developed to match these requirements.

Sealing Alloys

These include other Fe-Ni grades, Fe-Ni-Co and Fe-Ni-Cr alloys. A full range of alloys have been produced to associate with the principal glasses supplied by major manufacturers including Schott, Corning, NEG and Ashai. These glasses used in electronics are chosen for specific physical, chemical or optical properties and the choice of the associated sealing metal depends on the glass and the type of seal (matched or compressive).


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Shanghai Tankii Alloy Material Co.,Ltd. is specialized in production of Ni-Cr Alloy, Cu-Ni Alloy, Fechral, thermocouple wire, pure nickel and other precision alloy materials in the form of wire, strip, rod, bar and plate.

We’ve already got ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental protection system.

1JR No. 1 JR Alloy (Types 1, 2 and 4); Alkrothal 720
294 Cuprothal, Alloy 294, Cuprothal 294, Nico, MWS-294, Cupron, Copel, Alloy 45, Neutrology, Advance, CuNi 102, Cu-Ni 44, Konstantan
A30 Alloy 30, CuNi 30, 30 Alloy, MWS-30, Cuprothal 30, HAI-30, Cu-Ni 2, Alloy 230, Nickel Alloy 30
A60 Alloy 60, CuNi 60, 60 Alloy, MWS-60, Cuprothal 60, Lohm, HAI-60, Cu-Ni 6, Alloy 260, Nickel Alloy 60
A90 Alloy 90, CuNi 90, Alloy 290, #95 Alloy, 90 Alloy, MWS-90, Cu-Ni 10, Cuprothal 90, HAI-90, Cu-Ni 10, Alloy 260, Alloy 95, Nickel Alloy 90
A120 Alloy 120, MWS-120, Balco, Hytemco, HAI-380, Pelcoloy, Nickel Alloy 120, NIFE 5200, Kanthal 70, Alloy K70, Nifethal 70
A180 Alloy 180, CuNi 180, 180 Alloy, MWS-180, Cuprothal 180, Midohm, HAI-180, Cu-Ni 23, Alloy 380, Nickel Alloy 180
ALK Alkrothal 14, Alloy 750, Alferon 902, Alchrome 750, Resistohm 125, Aluchrom W, 750 Alloy, Stablohm 750
HAA Chromel AA
KA Alloy 835, Kanthal A
KA1 Kanthal A1, Kanthal, Alloy 875, Resistohm 145, Aluchrom 0, Alchrome 875, MWS-875, Stablohm 875
KAF Kanthal AF, Resistohm Y, Aluchrom Y, Alloy 837, AF
KAPM KAPM, Alloy 875 PM, Kanthal APM
KD Kanthal D, Kanthal, Alloy 815, Alchrome DK, Alferon 901, Resistohm 135, Aluchrom S, Stablohm 812
MO Molybdenum, Moly
N4 Chromel D, Nikrothal 40, N4, Chromax, HAI-NiCr 40, Tophet D, Resistohm 40, Cronifer III, 35-20 Ni-Cr, Alloy D, Nikrothal 4, MWS-610, Stablohm 610
N6 Chromel C, Nikrothal 60, N6, HAI-NiCr 60, Tophet C, Resistohm 60, Cronifer II, Electroloy, Nichrome, Alloy C, Nikrothal 6, MWS-675, Stablohm 675
N7 Nikrothal 70, Chromel 70/30, N7, HAI-NiCr 70, Tophet 30, Resistohm 70, Cronix 70, Stablohm 710
N8 Chromel A, Nikrothal 80, N8, Nichrome V, HAI-NiCr 80, Tophet A, Resistohm 80, Cronix 80, Protoloy, Nikrothal 8, Alloy A, MWS-650, Stablohm 650
NI200 Nickel 200, Nickel Alloy 200, Alloy 200, 200 Alloy, Alloy K205
NI201 Nickel 201, Nickel Alloy 201, Alloy 201, 201 Alloy, Alloy K270
RA330 Rolled Alloys 330, Stainless 330, RA330, SS330
SS304 Stainless Steel 304, SS304

Product Origin: 1999
Model Number: Invar 36, Kovar
Brand Name: TANKII

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